A few years ago I was experimenting with watercolor landscapes incorporating typography when I ran across a poem by E. E. Cummings. It brought to mind some of the landscapes I previously photographed for future paintings and wanted to experiment with type. I printed out the poem and cut out each letter. I taped the counters and some of the letters off to the side for future use. I was working on the kitchen table but had to move the project elsewhere while I ate lunch and temporarily taped it to the window until I could finish cutting out the letters. The poem stencil stayed up on the window for a couple of days. As I lived with it I observed that the shifting daylight changed the way it looked dramatically throughout the day. I liked the way that the outside activity was blocked by the letter shapes, only allowing minimal detail to be seen. I also liked how the counters and other letter shapes are (randomly) composed around the piece in shadow form.