Walking outside of a small mideaval village a couple summers ago I came across this sign. It was a thing of beauty. There was so much going on in this sign that was visually surprising. It demostrates the principles of art and design all at once.
Balance The names of the cities, one in upper right and the other lower left.
Contrast The random blue letters create an interesting contrast from the white letters. 
Movement Most obviously the curved arrow. Also the way the viewer reads from the upper right, down the vertical stroke and to the left of the second city name.
Pattern The vertical dripping erosion of the blue paint creates a deliberate looking surface distress.
Rhythm Through happenstance, there are six "A"s that create the likeness of small arrows and the fact that they are all white helps emphasize the rhythm.
Unity + Variety All elements are contained within a square, thus unifying all of the variables. The type is the same type however one is in upper right corner and the other is lower left, similar yet different, especially considering the blue letters which add another layer of variety.