Emilie Burnham – UI/UX Designer


The creative trajectories throughout my design background are a continuous progression. Technology and processes evolve through time, yet the end user remains the focus. In this way, the user has always been at the center of my design.

I knew I’d be some sort of artist since I was a crayon-wielding 3-year-old. I grew up believing I’d be a fine artist, until learning about design when I realized that I can enable users to do amazing things. Even after all of my years of professional experience, it still feels like a super power.

I gained a solid sense of practicality from a Midwest upbringing. I was highly influenced by postmodern surf-subculture and experimental typography while living on the West Coast, in LA. And the transformative, multicultural experience of living in the Middle East gave me a global perspective that enhanced my own empathy towards designing for inclusivity. These formative experiences make me a one-of-a-kind design thinker for user-centered design.

…and it all started with a crayon.


– Teaching Design in Saudi Arabia
– Dive Master certification in Thailand

– Running a marathon in Marathon, Greece


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